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Summer heat forces your AC unit to work hard to keep you cool. An efficient and properly maintained unit will cool your home effortlessly for many years. Preventative maintenance is critical during the life of the unit and minimizes the risk of catastrophic failure early in its life.

Our company specializes in all aspects of AC installation ad maintenance, including preventative measures to keep your unit running its best. The team at Apex Air understands the complexity of AC units and will install, repair and maintain your system at peak operating efficiency.

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Manufacturers design your AC unit for years of dependable service, and most will not disappoint you. Age, environment, and use play a part in the demise of any hardworking AC unit. That said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when your old unit shows signs of poor performance.

AC units over 10 years old rapidly deteriorate until they require constant repair work. You will notice this on your electric bill, too. The unit won’t cool two rooms evenly and based on the unusually loud operation and ever-increasing cost, the harsh reality of a replacement unit forces you into a purchase decision sooner than you expected.

Fortunately, energy efficient AC units constantly evolve, and we stand ready to assist you throughout the process to complete the purchase, installation, and training on your new and easily affordable AC system.

Our professional, EPA certified AC installation technicians will install and maintain your new system for years to come, ensuring trouble-free operation always.

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Experience and knowledge of correct sizing for the structure and its cooling needs determines the selection of a proper unit for your home. We will assist you every step of the way, so your home stays cool and comfortable and doesn’t break your budget, all the while working with the best team available

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AC installation requires experienced technicians armed with the knowledge and skill that only many years of service can provide. Apex Air takes immense pride in offering to you, our customer, the most advanced and efficient air conditioning systems available today.

Our ongoing commitment to our customers shows in the work we do and in the reputation we uphold daily. Trust our team to fulfill your every need with our AC maintenance and installation services.

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Customer Reviews
Gage Hay, says:

“Apex is a solid company. They have always done great work for me and their employees are very professional.”


Lisa Michnal, says:

“We just had a new heat pump system installed by Apex. Joe and Brandon did a great job. They were professional, polite and clean! They had us up and running in no time – just in time for the hot summer! These guys deserve a raise $$$. Thank you Apex :)”


Melissa Della Paolera, says:

“Jose with Apex did an amazing job problem solving with us on our project and did so with a positive attitude! Thank you!”