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In our area of the world, the heat can be tough to handle, making the use of an air conditioning unit vital to living comfortably in our service area. When your HVAC system stops working correctly, you will find yourself sweltering in the heat and worrying about the cost of repairs.

Our company is committed to doing everything we can to make repairing and maintaining your air conditioning unit as simple and efficient as possible. When the heat is on, we will give you a complete diagnosis of the problems we find with your unit and target our repair to your needs.

Our team of experienced and fully-qualified technicians has all the skills needed to make sure every problem with your unit is identified quickly and efficiently. Once the diagnosis is made, we will work with our customers to make sure you get the targeted repairs needed while ensuring we meet your cooling and budgetary needs. To put your mind at ease about the cost of our services, we have introduced a transparent pricing model that gives you an estimate of what each issue should cost to repair.

Your Trusted AC Replacement Contractors Near You

Everyone looks forward to summer, but nobody likes the sizzling heat. Unfortunately, there is no way out, and the high temperatures might burden your air conditioner. Having a dependable air conditioner technician will make summertime more enjoyable. While air conditioners are built to last, they aren’t immune to small and significant system failures. From breaking down to a vast system failure, problems are expected to arise.

The Earlier You Tackle the Issue the Better

Taking too long to call for servicing is the fastest route to disasters. A small issue can swell in no time, and you may end up managing a chronic problem. Eventually, you might be forced to pay a lot for repairs or replace the entire AC system.

The best way of avoiding such calamities is to stay on top of your AC’s maintenance schedule. That will mean lower energy bills, a durable system, and fewer repairs!

Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced or Repaired? Call Today!

Helping you maintain the home comfort you desire is our main goal. We fix any issue with your air conditioning system, whether the problem is complex or minor. Our team is ready to eliminate any comfort problems you have and restore your unit’s functionality. You can turn to us for emergency repairs, system breakdowns, or when your air conditioner doesn’t meet your expectations.

Our company has years of experience in AC system repairs, and your best choice is to turn to us. We also have a reputation for delivering flawless air conditioning services. Contact us today or call us to schedule your air conditioning service.

Customer Reviews
wesley dietsch, says:

“Great Company … from making the initial call and scheduling an appointment , all the way through replacing the blower motor in our old Trane unit. Great service, very knowledgeable, through and super personable Technician and staff.”


Heidi Salman, says:

“I highly recommend Apex Air!!! Why? Fantastic customer service and outstanding workmanship. We recently did a kitchen remodel and discovered that we needed some retro fitting done for our range hood. We had several HVAC companies out to bid this job, but the job was proving to be more complicated than we had originally thought. We were on a strict timeline and did not know what to do. I was referred to Apex Air by a friend so I gave them a call. They came out the very next day. Ansen was very efficient and completed our job on time. He was polite and cleaned up everything before he left. If anyone has done a remodel project you understand things do not always go as planned. It was such a relief to know Apex Air was not only willing to do this job, but had years of prior experience and knew exactly what to do! Thank you Apex Air for helping us out of a tough spot.”


Tiffany Keksi, says:

“My husband noticed my moms heat pump fan was not turning. He called Apex and they had a tech at the address the very next morning. My husband said the tech was informative, fast, and professional. What a relief to have the problem resolved so easily. Thank you Apex!”