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In our area of the world, the heat can be tough to handle, making the use of an air conditioning unit vital to living comfortably in our service area. When your HVAC system stops working correctly, you will find yourself sweltering in the heat and worrying about the cost of repairs.

Our company is committed to doing everything we can to make repairing and maintaining your air conditioning unit as simple and efficient as possible. When the heat is on, we will give you a complete diagnosis of the problems we find with your unit and target our repair to your needs.

Our team of experienced and fully-qualified technicians has all the skills needed to make sure every problem with your unit is identified quickly and efficiently. Once the diagnosis is made, we will work with our customers to make sure you get the targeted repairs needed while ensuring we meet your cooling and budgetary needs. To put your mind at ease about the cost of our services, we have introduced a transparent pricing model that gives you an estimate of what each issue should cost to repair


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When the unforgiving and scorching heat kicks in, your air conditioner has a responsibility to bail you out from the discomfort. In such sizzling heat, an AC should be properly working, and in case it fails, your favorite HVAC specialists should always be reliable and accessible.

Although AC’s are built for durability, this doesn’t mean they are indestructible. From a simple issue like a loose bolt to a significant electrical problem, your entire system could be compromised. Our HVAC team has you covered. Their efficiency and dedication will restore your comfort in minutes.

Rather than keeping an issue on hold, the earlier it is addressed, the better. Postponing a minor issue can have catastrophic effects afterward. This can stretch to more significant problems, especially with cost, as in many cases, it leads to a total air conditioner replacement.

By having regular check-ups and maintenance services, you can avoid major issues. By doing this, you should be able to stop the need for emergency repair services before they happen. Having a properly set schedule of repairs for your AC will save a lot in the long run. This will lead to a lowered repair experience, a decreased cost of electricity, and even longevity for your system.

Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced or Repaired? Call Today!

No matter what type of air conditioning problems your system is facing, you can be certain to feel more comfortable shortly when we are caring for your HVAC system. If you want to enjoy the excellence in air conditioning repair and maintenance we offer, you can call or schedule an appointment online with our friendly team of technicians.

Customer Reviews
wesley dietsch, says:

“Great Company … from making the initial call and scheduling an appointment , all the way through replacing the blower motor in our old Trane unit. Great service, very knowledgeable, through and super personable Technician and staff.”


Tiffany Keksi, says:

“My husband noticed my moms heat pump fan was not turning. He called Apex and they had a tech at the address the very next morning. My husband said the tech was informative, fast, and professional. What a relief to have the problem resolved so easily. Thank you Apex!”


Nicole Jackson, says:

“Amazing. Great pricing/products, but this company’s greatest asset is its people. Mike was the gentleman that installed our AC unit, and unexpectedly, neither my husband nor I could be home during our originally scheduled appointment during the work week. Mike offered his own time on the weekend to finish the portion of the installation which required us to be home on Saturday morning. He didn’t have to do this, and it is not par the course for installation to be scheduled on the weekend – but Mike went above and beyond. The scheduler (Ciara?) was also so sweet and accommodating upon finding out that we wouldn’t be able to be home for our original appointment. Just so beyond impressed with this company. I’ll be suggesting them to everyone I know who needs services they offer. THANK YOU!!”