rooftop hvac system installation and repair in vancouver, wa and portland, or by Apex AirRooftop heating and air conditioning systems provide commercial buildings a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year, with unsightly, bulky equipment installed out of sight.

HVAC commercial rooftop systems come in a variety of configurations and sizes so that business owners can select the combination of heating and air conditioning options that work best in their establishments.

HVAC commercial rooftop systems, also known as package units, include heating and air conditioning components within a single compartment. The weatherized compartment routes conditioned air through ducts into interior spaces.

Heat source options include:

  • heat pumps
  • natural gas
  • electric
  • hybrid
  • hydronic systems


Heat pumps are an ideal heating option for areas with mild winters, such as here in the Pacific Northwest. Heat pumps do not use fuel to produce heat. Instead, they extract heat from air, water or the ground and transfer heat to the interior during winter.

During hot summer months, the unit extracts heat from the indoors and routes it outside. Hybrid heat systems use a heat pump to provide heat until the temperature drops to a predetermined setting. At that time, a higher capacity furnace automatically kicks in. Hybrid systems reduce fuel usage without compromising indoor comfort.

Hydronic systems use water as a medium to deliver heat. Water acts as a refrigerant, absorbing heat at the source and transferring it to the place to be heated. Rather than sending heated air through ducts located near ceilings, hydronic heating systems deliver radiant heat through floor units. As a result, heat loss is minimized and drafts are eliminated.


HVAC rooftop system installation should be done by an experienced commercial HVAC contractor. Proper sizing of the unit is important. Sizes vary from as small as two tons to as large as 160 tons depending on the manufacturer.

An oversized unit will deliver cool air but will not adequately remove humidity, creating a clammy feeling. An undersized unit will cycle on and off too frequently, overworking the compressor. Furthermore, undersized units may break down more often and may not last because of the high demand on the compressor.

Apex Air has more than 40 years of industry experience that includes commercial HVAC rooftop system installation. We custom-designs systems that are tailored to the individual heating and air conditioning needs of each establishment. Schools, shopping malls, hospitals and manufacturing sites are among the types of businesses that use HVAC commercial rooftop systems.


Apex Air also provides 24-hour emergency service for residential and commercial customers in the Vancouver and Portland metropolitan area. Technicians are trained to install and repair all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment.

We also evaluate indoor air quality needs and recommend air cleaners that work well with HVAC rooftop system installations. Annual maintenance contracts ensure that equipment is kept in good working order throughout the year.

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