Retrofitting an Air Conditioning Unit to an Existing Furnace


retrofitting an air conditioning unit to an existing furnaceThe Greater Vancouver and Portland Metro communities include homes built without central air conditioning systems. Such homes can benefit from retrofitting an air conditioning unit to an existing furnace.

Apex Air has qualified and certified technicians that understand the necessity of controlling indoor temperatures when the heat outside is at its peak.

There must be free space outside the home in order to equip an existing furnace with air conditioning. Furthermore, the free space must exist near the vicinity of the furnace.

Requirements for Retrofitting an AC Unit

The condenser is the air conditioning cabinet unit. It must be free of obstacles that would interrupt the required airflow. The condenser also requires an adequate amount of outdoor space.

In order to properly retrofit an air conditioning unit to an existing furnace, an Apex Air technician will need to add an evaporator coil to the furnace.

Use of Evaporator Coils

There are two different options of evaporator coils to choose from. These include an up­flow ­coil which is used for vertical furnaces, or a slant coil that is attached to a horizontal heating unit. Each requires a 22-­ to 30­-inch space at the top or the end in order to house the evaporator coil.

Connecting the Air Conditioning System to the Duct Work

Once the air conditioning components are in place, the technician creates all connections so the cooled air will flow throughout the preexisting ducts.

Homeowners should be aware that just as with their furnace system, the air conditioning system must be maintained regularly.

Apex Air is committed to providing customers throughout Vancouver and the Portland Metro area with  HVAC services that allow for safe and comfortable indoor environments.

Whether adding an air conditioning unit to an existing furnace or troubleshooting problems within the HVAC system of a home, our focus remains on delivering the products and services that make a positive difference.

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Retrofitting an Air Conditioning Unit to an Existing Furnace in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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