Cost of Having an Air Purifier Installed


The cost of having an air purifier installed is far less than you may think. Adding one to your home does not require much effort. The return you get on your investment is incredible, too, because it quickly and effectively improves the air quality inside your home.

A Breakdown of Costs

On the low end, it costs $917 to install an air conditioner. On the high end, it’s $1,170. This includes materials, labor, supplies and tools. Estimates for the job include $379.43 (low) and $441.79 (high) for materials, $513.40 (low) and $702.24 (high) for labor, and $25.00 each for supplies and tools.

The Amount of Time It Takes for the Average Installation

It takes an average of 6.2 hours to install a unit. An expert installation will give you peace of mind. Time and money is wasted if not completed correctly.

Purified Air Benefits

Reap the rewards of cleaner, healthier air. The investment of an air purifier is worth the cost. Your new air purifying machine and filter will help you breathe better. Get rid of the dust, pollen, and other allergens inside your home safely and effortlessly.

Multiple contaminants reside in the average home. In the worst case scenarios, the air quality is 100 times worse than the air outdoors. Rather than take a chance of your family and friends getting sick when visiting your home, buy an air purifier and set up a time to install it quickly, conveniently, and safely.

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Cost of Having an Air Purifier Installed in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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