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Home Dehumidifier Installation


You may need dehumidifier installation if you find the atmosphere in your home uncomfortable.  After all, summers in the Greater Washington and Portland Metro areas can be miserable with the high level of humidity that we experience. This excessive moisture is causing more harm than just a little discomfort for homeowners. High levels of humidity in the air aids in the growth of mold and bacteria throughout the home. Dehumidifier installation can reduce these risks and deliver a cleaner, healthier living environment for all.

Professional Home Dehumidifier Installation

Whether building a new home or reducing the moisture in an existing home, dehumidifier installation has many benefits to offer. Apex Air offers complete installation services throughout the Greater Washington and Portland Metro communities. We provide trusted brand equipment backed by professional services.

Dehumidifiers are connected to the heating and air conditioning systems for the home. As air is taken into the HVAC equipment, it is filtered through the dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture molecules that are distributed throughout the home. The moisture-balanced air means that air conditioners will operate less during the summer and indoor air will be cleaner and fresher during winter.

Dehumidifier Replacement Services

Many homes in the area are equipped with dehumidifiers. Unfortunately, these HVAC systems do get their workout as they can work on a continuous basis. Whether seeking more cost-efficient models or maximizing the quiet technology that goes into newer dehumidifiers, dehumidifier replacement services may be the solution.

Apex Air will complete full diagnostic services on existing dehumidifiers to determine if they should be repaired or replaced. Our technicians have complete knowledge of all the units available and the benefits you can expect. Working with the specific needs of the homeowner, the technician will make their recommendations and provide fast, efficient replacement services when entrusted with these HVAC service needs.


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Residential Dehumidifier Installation in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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