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Apex Air is the leading HVAC company in Vancouver, WA, for your furnace service needs. We service and repair all makes and models. If you need furnace service, we are the company to call. Our skilled technicians are qualified to solve just about any repair or installation that you throw at us.

Whether you need a new gas furnace or your current one repaired or maintained, our Apex Air HVAC experts are here in the Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, metro area ready to help. Our professionals are both Bryant certified and NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, giving you confidence we will skillfully ensure your home reaches its maximum comfort, all while saving you money via energy efficiency.

Residential Furnace Features

Many furnaces use gas—either natural gas or propane. The gas enters a chamber, is ignited by the electronic ignition, and warms the air within a heat exchange chamber. The air is blown into the living space through heating ductwork, and the exhaust gases are vented out of the home. Electric furnaces use heating elements, or strips, to warm the air instead of a fossil fuel source.

Home furnaces come with many different options. When looking for furnace units, pay close attention to the following:

Furnace Size. You don’t want your home furnace to be too small to heat your home, but you also don’t want it to be so large it wastes energy. Most homes have a furnace way too big to meet their needs. That’s why it’s important to have the right size furnace when installing a new unit.

Furnace Efficiency. You want a unit that does the job but also does it efficiently. That’s where the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating comes in—it shows a furnace’s efficiency. It’s important to pay attention to that number so you know exactly what to expect from your new furnace. Most new units get at least 97 percent efficiency, which is nearly perfect. Energy Star®-qualified gas furnaces have minimum AFUE ratings of 83 percent and 90 percent, making them up to 15 percent more efficient than standard models. 

Furnace type. Talk to our experts about which type of gas furnace would work better for your home—an atmospheric furnace or a sealed combustion furnace. Both can have high efficiencies, they’re just draw their air from different sources. We install both.

Gas Furnace Installation

When the times comes to purchase a new furnace, always get the most energy-efficient system you can afford. You will never be sorry, as it will keep your home comfortable and save you energy and money. Our HVAC professionals will design and install the most suitable gas furnace system for you and your needs.

Gas Furnace Repairs and Maintenance

As with all HVAC systems, at some point furnace repairs will be necessary. Regular home furnace repair solves small problems before they become big, reducing the need for costly furnace overhauls. No matter if it’s a larger, more complex issue or something more simple, like a dirty filter, our certified experts will come quickly to get your furnace up and running in a short time when the need arises.

Dirty filters are the primary reason home furnaces stop working. Keep filters clean by replacing them at least twice a year, though we recommend more frequently if anyone in your home has allergies or health issues. During winter, you may need to change filters once a month. Filters trap dust and other airborne debris so that these pollutants don’t enter the system. Clogged filters impede airflow and can cause the unit to stop working.

To help prevent the need for many of these repairs and to help extend the life of your furnace, regular preventative maintenance by one of our professionals is recommended. By inspecting and cleaning your furnace prior to its first use of the season, you ensure that it doesn’t run into any problems in the winter when you need it most. And by keeping abreast of regular maintenance, your gas furnace could last up to 20 years with proper care. Our experts will give you advice on how to prevent damage to the furnace, so it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear quickly.

Contacting one of our Apex Air HVAC professionals to take care of your home’s furnace is a wise investment on many levels. You’ll experience optimum comfort and energy savings.

Call us at Apex Air, and we can set up an appointment to calculate the furnace size you might need.

Need Furnace Service?

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Gas Furnace Installation in Vancouver, WA 98664

“Apex Air came out and installed a new forced air heater for us. Our old one was 22 years old, time for an upgrade. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience. They came out and looked at our old unit, took measurements and serial numbers. Within 2 days they came back out with a complete new unit. They installed it in a timely manner, (they even vacuumed and cleaned up good as new.). The guys were very efficient, and respectful. They each knew their jobs and 1,2,3 it was in and running. A wonderful new quiet, efficient unit. I will gladly use Apex Air conditioning for all of my heating and air conditioning needs.” – Cindy T.

Gas Furnace Repair in La Center, WA 98629

“Apex air has provided me with excellent service both when repairing and replacing my furnace. Didn’t try to sell me things that I didn’t need, fair prices and fast professional service.”

– Joe S.

I Highly Recommend Apex

“These guys are the best. Excellent sales and service. I just had a duel unit installed and love it. I’m thinking my heat bill will really go down. Can’t wait for summer to try the air conditioning. I highly recommend Apex.”

– Tim S.

Amazing Service!! I can’t Compliment them Enough

“I cannot say enough about the professionalism of Tim Taylor and the Apex Air team. I had a service agreement with a different provider, and we were supposed to get preferential treatment because of the service agreement. When my heating furnace stopped working it took them a week just to get me the quote! I contacted Tim, he came out within a couple of hours after the call, the very same day; I had the quote the same evening ( Friday) and the new furnace was delivered and installed on the Tuesday!! Half the time it took the incumbent service provider to generate their quote! Tim gave me different options and helped find the best fit for my needs. It’s also the subtle yet very important things which differentiate true professionalism. Tim was slightly delayed to come out to see me (considering it was the same day I had contacted him this was a complete non issue) he called me to apologize and let me know about the slight delay. He then called me again when he was just 15 minutes away to confirm the exact time he would arrive! I had already decided I was going to work with Apex Air before Tim had even arrived! I was given an installation arrival time between 7.30am and 8.30am. The team arrived at 7.45am and were impeccable from beginning to end. Professional, respected our property and cleaned everything up after them, and did an outstanding job. If I could give Apex Air six stars I genuinely would, and I have never said anything similar in other company reviews.”
Peter L.

Nice and Toasty

“Thank you Jimmy and Apex for getting our furnace running again, nice and toasty!”
Jan W.

Great Customer Service

“On the first chilly day of the season our heater would not start so we called Apex. They were able to get someone out the same day and Michael D did a great job at explaining how our system worked and got it up and going for us. Great customer service!”
Sherri T.

Does it Right

“Heating and cooling done right.”
Charles V.

Apex to the Rescue

“Apex to the rescue! What a great company to deal with. My heat went out this morning, actually mine as well as my 4 neighbors heat went out this morning. We called Apex to come take a look. As it turns out our home builder, new houses, dropped the ball when insulating the lines. Apex got all of our furnaces up and running AS WELL AS fixing our home builders mistakes. Apex’s employees were fast, polite, professional, smart, and honestly i felt like they really wanted to be there, to help us. You never see this type of customer service anymore. Well done Apex. Thank you!”
Craig I.

Furnace Working Great

“It took Ansen less than 20 minutes to find the problem we have had with our furnace for three years. He carefully listened to my description of the problems we had, then he explained to me how the system was supposed to work and why the previous fixes from other companies were not going to work. Then in a very methodical and professional way he started to test and discard all possibilities until he found the real problem (a hidden bent exhaust pipe section between the garage ceiling and the floor of the laundry room). He came right at the time he was scheduled and in the middle of the first snow storm this year. The furnace has been working great since he came. THANKS ANSEN!”

– David H.

A+ Service

“A+ service! Fast, honest, dependable and knowledgeable. Called to get furnace repaired, expecting a hefty price tag. The tech Anson came and showed me what was going on and repaired it fast and the price was very affordable. I recommend Apex for whatever service you need with your AC or heat.”

– Harold R.

Apex Air proudly provides HVAC service to Vancouver WA, Portland Metropolitan Area and the surrounding communities. Visit our service area page for more coverage details, call us at 360-342-8109, or request service online today.

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