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How Long Do Furnaces Last?


cost of having a new furnace installed in vancouver wa and portland or by Apex AirYou might want to ask a heating specialist, “How long do furnaces last?” This gives you an opportunity to talk about a furnace’s life span. And, it also gives you an idea how to properly maintain your furnace so you can use it efficiently for years to come.

Less Cost Means More Money for You

Having the unit serviced regularly prevents you from incurring costly charges for big repairs. If a service technician is able to detect a small problem in time, he is able to take care of it before it becomes a bigger issue for you. This will result in less out-of-pocket cost.

One to Two Decades’ Worth of Use Depending on Furnace Type

Depending on the type of furnace that you have, it could last up to 20 years. For example, oil furnaces last up to a decade without issues, and gas furnaces last two decades when cared for properly. It’s the type of investment that makes sense because it cuts down on energy consumption and lowers your home energy bills.

The Benefits of a Furnace

A new furnace provides you with a steady source of heat during colder temperatures. Also, it’s a welcome sight when it’s frigid outside because you can adjust the heat to make all of the rooms of your home comfortable for their occupants.

Furthermore, you can keep track of the home energy costs your residence incurs by simply switching off or changing the temperature on the thermostat when temperatures rise outside.

We’ve answered, “How long do furnaces last?” You now have an idea about the typical furnace life span. Taking the steps necessary to make sure that your furnace is well taken of will keep it in good working order for years to come.


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How Long Do Furnaces Last? in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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