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How Often Should a Heat Pump Be Maintained


how often should a heat pump be maintained in vancouver wa and portland or by Apex Air
How often should you maintain your heat pump in the Pacific Northwest? A variety of weather patterns can wreak havoc on the outer portion of your unit all year long. Regular service reduces the amount of wear and tear on the unit, making it possible to enjoy comfortable temperatures inside your home longer.

It’s important to keep your pump in good working order year round. This allows you to enjoy comfortable temperatures no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Heat Pump Maintenance on a Yearly Schedule

Annual Heat pump maintenance is necessary to keep things in good working order with your pump. Ideally, you will maintain your unit in the Fall to get ready for cold winter temperatures.

An expert will inspect all ducts, filters, the blower, and the indoor coil for different obstructions such as dirt and debris. They will seal leaky ducts and measure airflow to make sure it’s adequate. They’ll also do other things such as lubricate motors and inspect belts for signs of wear.

Heat Pump Thermostat Maintenance

Verifying that thermostat readings are correct is another thing a technician will do to make sure your heat pump is doing its job. If there is a problem, it will be diagnosed and repaired quickly so it doesn’t inconvenience you in any way. That’s why having a professional service your heat pump regularly is highly recommended. Heat pump maintenance allows you to enjoy your pump longer.

Heat pump service also ensures that you’re getting the most from it every day of the year. If you haven’t had an opportunity to shop for a heat pump, now is a great time to do so. An expert heat pump installer at Apex Air Co. will make sure that you understand how to use and maintain your new pump so you aren’t replacing it too quickly.


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How Often Should a Heat Pump Be Maintained in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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