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With varying temperatures throughout the city, having a reliable air conditioning system is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for keeping you and your family members comfortable while relaxing at home. If you’ve noticed that your AC system isn’t working adequately to help you beat the summertime heat, then give our trained specialists a call today. We can perform an analysis of your AC system’s health and repair or upgrade your system with ease.

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Upgrading to a newer air conditioning system will not only ensure that your system is reliable for many years to come but there are many new energy-efficient features you can enjoy. Knowing when to upgrade your old system can be tricky if it’s still partially or fully operational. 

Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s finally time for that new upgrade:

  • Your energy bills are higher than ever before
  • You’re constantly paying for system repairs
  • Your AC system is over a decade old
  • The air temperature throughout your home is inconsistent
  • You’re hearing excessive noise coming from your unit

It’s not worth letting the air quality in your home decline due to an inefficient system. Rather, you should invest in a new energy-efficient system. There are many available, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your budget and your family’s expectations.

Your Trusted AC Installation Contractors Near You

It’s vital that you hire a contractor with experience and know-how to ensure that you have the correct system properly installed to meet your needs. Upgrading to a new AC unit or simply purchasing one for the first time is a very big investment for any homeowner. You want to ensure that your money is going towards an affordable system that will keep your home cool and comfortable for many years to come.

Our expert team has been delivering quality satisfaction to our customers for decades. They know that there are multiple factors that go into picking out a new AC system for your home. Some of these include your home’s layout, square footage, your budget, maintenance needs, and so forth. One of our experienced technicians will assist you in determining just what new AC system is right for your home.

Apart from undergoing a system upgrade, you’ll also want a reliable HVAC contractor to handle small repairs and tune-ups. Our technicians can handle cooling services for your AC system. Their knowledge covers a wide spectrum of cooling repairs and maintenance on various brands.

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We take high regard to install modern air conditioning systems locally. You can rest easy knowing our team will offer you top-notch installation and routine maintenance.

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Customer Reviews
Melissa Della Paolera, says:

“Jose with Apex did an amazing job problem solving with us on our project and did so with a positive attitude! Thank you!”


Lisa Michnal, says:

“We just had a new heat pump system installed by Apex. Joe and Brandon did a great job. They were professional, polite and clean! They had us up and running in no time – just in time for the hot summer! These guys deserve a raise $$$. Thank you Apex :)”


Tom Savoy, says:

“Apex is everything you want in a contractor. We gave 2 homes. The new one, Apex did the ent it re job flawlessly and responded it mmed it ately when I had a perceived problem. They took extra time to double check their own work and they spent time with me to make sure that I was completely clear on adjustments and settings. Our older home had an issue the day before Thanksgiving and found a way to create a temporary fix to get us up and running for a comfortable holiday. They were soon back with the exact parts to fix the system like new! Simply, the best, from ownership to scheduling to field techs. If you want the best, call Apex”