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During the warmer months of the year, our service area can be an unforgiving place with the mercury rising in thermostats around the region. There is nothing worse than feeling the heat rise in your home when your AC unit stops working or it begins to slow down and fails to meet your cooling demands.

When your unit stops working correctly, you will find yourself uncomfortable in little to no time and in need of our assistance. Our commitment to you is to bring you the best in HVAC repair and servicing to make sure your home is comfortable again as quickly as possible. After we arrive at your home we complete our inspection and get down to the targeted repairs you need to feel comfortable in your home once more.

We understand the difficulties our customers often face when it comes to budget that can come when a repair is about to take place for their air conditioning equipment. Most of our customers are already aware of the transparent pricing model we have implemented, which acts as a guide for  our customers by making you aware of the estimated cost of the repairs you need completed.

We believe removing the worry and concern about the cost of repairs is the first step. This allows you to feel comfortable once again in your own home without the stress and concern of a faulty air conditioning unit.

Your Trusted AC Replacement Contractors Near You

One of the most important parts of staying safe and cool during the warmer months of the year is the ability to be sure your air conditioning unit is working correctly. We want you to know we are by your side throughout the warmest months of the year, and will keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. When the heat in our service area climbs to its highest level, you will want the peace of mind of knowing we have you covered at all times.

The Sooner the Problem Is Addressed, the Better

If there is one issue our team of technicians would like to address, it would be to stress the importance of calling immediately when you suspect an issue with your unit. Whether a system has become extremely noisy or is no longer pushing out cool air at all times, a major system failure can be avoided by calling our repair and replacement experts right away.

Many of our customers have decided to take the approach of caring for their HVAC system regularly with the use of routinely scheduled maintenance. By allowing our technicians to work with you on a regular basis, we can monitor for any problems and ensure you have the best chance of avoiding a major system failure when the heat kicks in.

Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced or Repaired? Call Today!

Our company’s priority is to help you be comfortable in your home. Whether your AC is not working as it should or if you are facing an emergency, leave it under the care of an AC expert. Our team is dedicated to handling all AC-related challenges so you can forget such problems.

Thanks to several years of experience, our firm is known to offer flawless AC repairs and maintenance. Our team is sure to stick by your side whenever an emergency arises. If you wish to schedule a service, send us a message online, or contact our customer service team. Serving you is an honor.

Customer Reviews
Ron Benfield, says:

“Ansen came on a moment’s notice and cleverly fixed a pesky long term dryer vent problem. Couldn’t be happier! Polite, friendly and effective.”


Lloyd Branson, says:

“Have only been working with Apex a little over two months and our rural location is about an hour from their Vancouver WA offices. Have made two service requests and in both cases Apex had someone here same day or no more than a one day wait. Their Service tech Ricardo is TOP NOTCH. Helpful and really lets you know he cares. Jennifer at there service desk has also been super responsive and also reflects this Companies dedication to their customers. Great customer service!!”


Andy Haugen, says:

“Professional, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented! My furnace went out on a cold winter weekend and Apex came out the same day to have a look. Turned out my furnace needed to be replaced. The technicia, Jerrod, asked if I had any alternate heat sources and I did not. Instead of telling me to go buy something, the technician made a trip to the local hardware store and lent me several space heaters to keep my home comfortable until they could install the new unit. The actual install was painless and surprisingly quick. I will do future business with Apex and highly recommend them!”