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Air conditioning systems can break down or get damaged, causing them to stop operating correctly. Luckily, you don’t have to live with an inefficient AC system. As a resident in our service area, we can get rid of your worries with our quality HVAC services.

Unfortunately, a broken air conditioning unit can adversely impact your comfort and peace of mind. Additionally, with the unforgiving heat in our city, owning an air conditioner that needs repair isn’t an option, making it vital to restore your system.

Luckily, we can resolve your air conditioner’s problem to restore your home comfort. Our company has not only industry-leading expertise but also a commitment to providing first-class comfort services. Moreover, since not all unit issues are the same, our team offers targeted quality services to address the root cause of your unit’s problems.

We also have a transparent pricing model that ensures you have an easy payment process when you turn to us. And, we provide solid guarantees on all repair and replacement services so that you can focus on mending your air conditioning system.

Your Trusted AC Replacement Contractors Near You

One of the most important parts of staying safe and cool during the warmer months of the year is the ability to be sure your air conditioning unit is working correctly. We want you to know we are by your side throughout the warmest months of the year, and will keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. When the heat in our service area climbs to its highest level, you will want the peace of mind of knowing we have you covered at all times.

Our expert team has been delivering quality satisfaction to our customers for decades. They know that there are multiple factors that go into picking out a new AC system for your home. Some of these include your home’s layout, square footage, your budget, maintenance needs, and so forth. One of our experienced technicians will assist you in determining just what new AC system to replace in your home.

Apart from undergoing a system upgrade, you’ll also want a reliable HVAC contractor to handle small repairs and tune-ups. Our technicians can handle cooling services for your AC system. Their knowledge covers a wide spectrum of cooling repairs, replacements, and maintenance on various brands

Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced or Repaired? Call Today!

No matter what type of air conditioning problems your system is facing, you can be certain to feel more comfortable shortly when we are caring for your HVAC system. If you want to enjoy the excellence in air conditioning repair and maintenance we offer, you can call or schedule an appointment online with our friendly team of technicians.

Customer Reviews
Ron Benfield, says:

“Ansen came on a moment’s notice and cleverly fixed a pesky long term dryer vent problem. Couldn’t be happier! Polite, friendly and effective.”


Ryan Mattila, says:

“Ansen came out this morning and helped save my sanity by fixing my A/C. Not only did he help tighten the wires at the unit to resolve the issue but went above and beyond by rewiring the ‘whip’ and insulted a section of my pipe running into the furnice that was exposed. Overall, a great experience! Keep it ‘cool’ (pun intended) man!”


DJWAFFLES 101, says:

“We recently had an air conditioning unit installed by Apex Air. The communication was excellent, customer service outstanding (office staff and techs) and the install quick and seemless. When we went to use our heater for the first time this season, no heat! So we tried the a/c and that didn’t work either. Apex immediately sent Jarrod out to see if it was a warranty issue. It turns out our thermostat is bad. Jarrod diagnosed the problem and didn’t charge for a service call since we had recently purchased the air conditioner. Thank you Apex Air!!”