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During the warmer months of the year, our service area can be an unforgiving place with the mercury rising in thermostats around the region. There is nothing worse than feeling the heat rise in your home when your AC unit stops working or it begins to slow down and fails to meet your cooling demands.

When your unit stops working correctly, you will find yourself uncomfortable in little to no time and in need of our assistance. Our commitment to you is to bring you the best in HVAC repair and servicing to make sure your home is comfortable again as quickly as possible. After we arrive at your home we complete our inspection and get down to the targeted repairs you need to feel comfortable in your home once more.

We understand the difficulties our customers often face when it comes to budget that can come when a repair is about to take place for their air conditioning equipment. Most of our customers are already aware of the transparent pricing model we have implemented, which acts as a guide for  our customers by making you aware of the estimated cost of the repairs you need completed.

We believe removing the worry and concern about the cost of repairs is the first step. This allows you to feel comfortable once again in your own home without the stress and concern of a faulty air conditioning unit.

Your Trusted AC Replacement Contractors Near You

When the unforgiving and scorching heat kicks in, your air conditioner has a responsibility to bail you out from the discomfort. In such sizzling heat, an AC should be properly working, and in case it fails, your favorite HVAC specialists should always be reliable and accessible.

Although AC’s are built for durability, this doesn’t mean they are indestructible. From a simple issue like a loose bolt to a significant electrical problem, your entire system could be compromised. Our HVAC team has you covered. Their efficiency and dedication will restore your comfort in minutes.

Rather than keeping an issue on hold, the earlier it is addressed, the better. Postponing a minor issue can have catastrophic effects afterward. This can stretch to more significant problems, especially with cost, as in many cases, it leads to a total air conditioner replacement.

By having regular check-ups and maintenance services, you can avoid major issues. By doing this, you should be able to stop the need for emergency repair services before they happen. Having a properly set schedule of repairs for your AC will save a lot in the long run. This will lead to a lowered repair experience, a decreased cost of electricity, and even longevity for your system.

Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced or Repaired? Call Today!

If you believe you need repairs to your cooling system or want to keep it maintained at a high level of performance, we have the technicians to help you reach your goal. No matter what the reason is for your call to our expert team of technicians, you can schedule your appointment online or over the phone to get the most out of your AC unit.

Customer Reviews
Nicole Jackson, says:

“Amazing. Great pricing/products, but this company’s greatest asset is its people. Mike was the gentleman that installed our AC unit, and unexpectedly, neither my husband nor I could be home during our originally scheduled appointment during the work week. Mike offered his own time on the weekend to finish the portion of the installation which required us to be home on Saturday morning. He didn’t have to do this, and it is not par the course for installation to be scheduled on the weekend – but Mike went above and beyond. The scheduler (Ciara?) was also so sweet and accommodating upon finding out that we wouldn’t be able to be home for our original appointment. Just so beyond impressed with this company. I’ll be suggesting them to everyone I know who needs services they offer. THANK YOU!!”


David Herrera, says:

“It took Ansen less than 20 minutes to find the problem we have had with our furnace for three years. He carefully listened to my description of the problems we had, then he explained me how the system was supposed to work and why the previous fixes from other companies were not going to work. Then in a very methodical and professional way he started to test and discard all possibilities until he found the real problem (a hidden bent exhaust pipe section between the garage ceiling and the floor of the laundry room). He came right at the time he was scheduled and in the middle of the first snow storm thsi year. The furnace has been working great since he came. THANKS ANSEN!”


Jeni Mumm, says:

“The Air Conditioning went out in our office building, Apex Air was able to send a service tech out within 2 hours and had our AC up and running again in no time! I would highly recommend them to anyone.”