Up close look at an air conditioning unit. Apex Air, serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA explains why an air conditioner may be loud or noisy.

What Does It Mean If Your A/C Makes Unusual Noises?

During the warm, summer months, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. While you can expect your air conditioner to make some noise, it shouldn’t be so loud that it disrupts your life.

To answer this question here is some information you should know about why your AC may be loud and noisy.


Troubleshooting your noisy AC? Below are some common causes of a noisy air conditioner.

  • Refrigerant Lines could be installed too tightly
  • A piece of hardware could be coming loose
  • Sound-absorbing pads inside of the unit may be too worn
  • The air conditioner motor is failing
  • The air conditioner’s compressor is beginning to malfunction
  • A belt is misaligned
  • A fan that hasn’t been well-maintained
  • Bent or loose fan blades
  • Dirt and debris in the unit
  • Broken bearings

Whatever the noise is, an HVAC contractor will investigate and fix the issue. Don’t think of the noise as just a minor inconvenience. This is a sign that something is wrong. Neglecting to repair the problem could lead to damage over time.


Another way to determine what’s causing your noisy AC is by the sounds it makes.

  • Banging: loud, banging sounds from the AC usually means there’s an issue with the blower or motor. For example, when the blower is misaligned, the sound will become louder when the unit runs
  • Buzzing: buzzing sounds from your outside air conditioning unit could mean debris, loose fan parts, blower issues, dirty condenser, dirty air filter, refrigerant leaks, and loose fan motor
  • Hissing: hissing sounds from your AC usually signifies that coolant is leaking and the ducts are improperly sealed
  • Screeching or squealing: if the sound is on the entire time your air conditioner system runs, there’s likely a problem with the fan motor or a belt. If the sound only occurs when the air conditioner comes on, your compressor may have high levels of pressure


If you’ve noticed strange or loud noises coming from your air conditioner, contact the air conditioning repair specialists at Apex Air in Vancouver WA. We’re a locally-owned-and-operated HVAC contractor company with over 55 years of combined experience. Contact us today to schedule service. We’ll inspect your air conditioner system, diagnose the problem, and find the perfect solution. We provide affordable HVAC services to our neighbors and businesses throughout the Portland and Vancouver metro area.