Why you should have an air purifier in Vancouver WA and Portland OR


It’s typical to wonder why should you have an air purifier. Many people do because they aren’t fully aware of the different benefits the unit offers. For example, they know that the air inside their apartments and homes is cleaner when using an air purifier, but they’re not sure why.


There are three different types of filters that fit in air purifying machines. They are High Energy Particulate Air (or HEPA) filters, Carbon Filters, and Pre-Filters. Here is what you should know about each:

  • HEPA Filters are highly efficient at removing 99.97% of particles size 0.3 microns and larger from the air you breathe. They remove pet dander, dust mite residue, and even pollen from your home.
  • Carbon Filters use activated carbon to remove smoke, formaldehyde, pet odors, and kitchen odors from the home. They are not as effective as HEPA filters.
  • Pre-Filters ensure you don’t have to change or clean your filters as often. They trap large particles before they make their way to the air purifying machine’s main filters.

If you think you want a purifier for your residence, you’ll want to have a good idea how it works. Having that knowledge makes it easier for you to keep the purifier in good working order. You’ll know what type of air filters it takes and do your part to keep the unit clean and operating optimally.


There are a number of benefits that come with purified air. The first and most obvious are that it improves the air quality inside an apartment or home quickly and efficiently. Next, it benefits allergy and asthma sufferers by removing many of the things that trigger their respiratory problems such as dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander. Hopefully, this answers the question of why should you have an air purifier. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us!