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Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop units.

Rooftop heating and air conditioning systems, also known as rooftop units/RTUs or package units, provide commercial buildings a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year, with unsightly, bulky equipment installed out of sight. Nearly half of all U.S. commercial space is cooled by rooftop units. Unlike the clunky units that arrived on the scene three decades ago, today’s HVAC systems are energy efficient, saving money on utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Apex Air, we are dedicated to providing our Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, metro area commercial property owners with superior units that offer superior indoor air quality (IAQ) and minimal energy usage. These systems are equipped to provide single- or multi-zone heating, air conditioning, and ventilation for commercial buildings. They come in multiple sizes to accommodate any sized business, from a small store to a large multi-room office building or retail center.

The Many Benefits of Rooftop HVAC Systems for Your Building

Commercial rooftop HVAC systems are not only versatile, but they offer three key advantages to traditional commercial indoor units:

Space saving. With a commercial rooftop system, there is more square footage available for conducting business, since roof units take advantage of easily accessible space away from the building’s floor.

Air quality. Rooftop units have made great strides in dehumidification, which helps keep the air clean and reduces contaminants that thrive in moist environments.

Smart control systems. The transition from mechanical controls to electronic and digital have made HVAC units perform better. They include features that more effectively control efficiency, comfort, and longevity of the unit.

Commercial Rooftop Installation

Installing a rooftop unit is not a DIY project. These systems weigh in the tons and only certified professionals, like ours, are qualified to install and maintain rooftop HVAC systems. We have the experience to determine the appropriately sized unit for your building, the heating load requirements, and ideal rooftop location.

Now is the time to get your rooftop HVAC installation handled. Commercial rooftop systems come in a variety of configurations and sizes, so you can select the combination of heating and air conditioning options that work best in your establishment.

Our rooftop HVAC installations include several heat-source options:

• Heat pumps

• Natural gas

• Electric

• Hybrid

• Hydronic systems

Commercial Rooftop Repair and Maintenance

When your rooftop HVAC system works well, it doesn’t take much of a toll on the unit as it does when it needs to be repaired or replaced. Normal wear and tear can cost you your HVAC system fast. That’s why it’s very important to have it serviced and maintained regularly. In the case of your system breaking down during off hours, we provide 24-hour emergency service for our commercial customers. Our NATE (North American Technician Excellence)-certified technicians are trained to repair, as well as install, all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment, so you are in good hands when you call.

To protect your investment from unnecessary stress, regular HVAC maintenance is how you safeguard your investment and make sure the people inside your business are comfortable indoors. It’s important to keep in mind how this all affects productivity as well. Employees do a better job at work when they have comfortable temperatures in which to work. We offer commercial maintenance packages to keep you and your rooftop HVAC system on track.

We at Apex Air have more than 40 years of industry experience including commercial HVAC rooftop system installation, repair, and maintenance. We custom design systems tailored to the individual heating and air conditioning needs of each establishment. Call us today at 360-342-8109 to discuss your business’s rooftop HVAC system requirements.

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