Indoor UV Air Quality Costs in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Cost of Having a New UV Air Light Cleaner Installed

The cost to install a new UV air light cleaner may seem high. However, the upkeep is minimal, and installed units last a really long time. If you don’t know what to expect from a UV air light cleaner, you’re not alone. Many people have no experience with them which is all the more reason to research these units for your home.

UV Air Light Maintenance

Maintaining UV air light cleaners is quite easy. Depending on how often you use your device, you’ll need to clean the lamps so that they’re free of dust and replace the bulbs when needed. Just be sure to not touch UV lamp surfaces. Fingerprints can impact UV output, causing uneven heating.

The Advantages of UV Air Light Cleaners in the Home

UV air light cleaners have many advantages. Not only does the light kill microbes and harmful bacteria, but it also removes odors from your home. People won’t be overwhelmed with a musty, moldy smell when they enter your residence because the light works to kill mildew and mold.

The cost to install a new UV air light cleaner isn’t much when you break it down into weekly expenses. It’s yet another way to make your home more comfortable for its occupants and guests. To learn more about UV air light cleaners or to receive your free estimate, contact us today!