Preferred™ Horizontal Heat Recovery Ventilator HRVCRSHB


This model delivers enhanced, refreshing ventilation for a smaller home with a horizontal indoor furnace or fan coil. Operating on the same principals as all of our HRVs, it transfers indoor heat energy to the incoming air to provide an infusion of freshness on extremely cold days. It’s a great way to let the fresh air in without letting your energy dollars out.


Air Flow: 100 Cubic ft/min
  • Brings in fresh air and expels stale
  • sometimes unhealthy air
  • High-efficiency heat recovery core pre-conditions incoming air to minimize heat energy loss
  • Prefilters particulates from incoming air and outgoing air to protect core
  • Crossflow design keeps stale
  • outgoing air from mixing with fresh
  • incoming air
  • Capable of intermittent- or continuous operation depending on control used
  • Automatically defrosts when outdoor temperatures are below 23°F
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration1