Preferred™ Large, Horizontal Energy Recovery Ventilator ERVCRLHB


This model ventilator may be the best choice if you have a larger home and live in a hot, humid summer climate. Use it year round. Its special, enthalpic transfer media core will help infuse indoor heating or cooling energy into the incoming air so you can have a fresh indoor environment even on extreme days. It’s a much better fresh air solution than opening a window and letting your energy dollars fly out.


Air Flow: 250 Cubic ft/min
  • Brings in fresh air and expels stale
  • sometimes unhealthy air
  • Pre-conditions incoming air to minimize energy loss
  • Reduces humidity in summer from incoming fresh air
  • Prefilters particulates from incoming air and outgoing air to protect core
  • Crossflow design keeps stale
  • outgoing air from mixing with fresh
  • incoming air
  • Capable of intermittent- or continuous operation depending on control used
  • Automatically defrosts when outdoor temperatures are below 23°F
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration1