Preferred™ Series Gas Heat/Electric Cool Systems 677E


Enjoy the benefits of two heating sources and year-round comfort with our Preferred™ series packaged HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems. This complete and versatile two-stage system provides up to 8.5 HSPF electric heat pump warmth and SEER cooling combined with 81% AFUE gas furnace heating for smooth, even comfort all year long. During the cold winter months, our HYBRID HEAT system maximizes efficiency and savings by choosing heat pump operation during milder weather when it is most efficient, and gas furnace heat when temperatures drop and that becomes the most efficient and comfortable choice.

Seer Rating: Up to 15
Compressor Type: Two-Stage
  • Enjoy cool
  • summer comfort up to 15 SEER & 12 EER efficiency
  • Transition to winter with heat pump heating efficiency of up to 8.5 HSPF
  • Keep warm and cozy with gas heating when the weather turns cold
  • Enjoy the optimized comfort of multi-speed air delivery
  • Two-stage operation allows longer
  • more consistent heating and cooling cycles on low stage for savings and comfort
  • Enhanced comfort during cooling operation through reduced humidity with appropriate control
  • Galvanized steel cabinet with "coil on top" design for lasting durability against the elements
  • Louvered grille protects the coil against physical damage
  • Solid cabinet base panels help prevent infiltration of dirt
  • debris and moisture
  • 20-year limited warranty on heat exchanger3 or Lifetime limited warranty with stainless steel option1
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration2