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Please follow the outlined steps below for ac troubleshooting if you are having trouble with your Air Conditioning system. If you discover that your air conditioning system still needs attention, we can be reached at (360) 342-8109 to make an appointment.  This service is designed to ensure you will not be inconvenienced when the warmer weather arrives.


  1. If you have resided in the home for more than 60 days and you haven’t changed your furnace filter DO IT NOW. (Continue to change filter every 60 days during the summer months) This is the number one reason AC’s do not cool properly.
  2. Locate the “Quick Connect” breaker on the outside of your home (near the exterior AC unit).

  3. Ensure that the Quick Connect breaker is in the “ON” position (the word “ON” will be in the upright position). If the breaker is currently in the “OFF” position, you can turn it on by pulling the handle grip outward, thereby completely removing the blade assembly. Simply rotate it over, and re-insert it into the breaker housing.

  4. Ensure that the electrical breakers at the utility panel in the garage are also in the “ON” position.

  5. Adjust your thermostat to the “COOL” setting, and a temperature that is cooler than current inside temperature. The outside unit should turn on, and you should be able to feel colder air coming out of your vents within 5-10 minutes.

  6. Please note that for the optimal cooling it is recommended that you set your air conditioner to the desired temperature and leave it set all day.  Your air conditioner will likely not be able to cool off your home effectively if you let the home get too warm first then turn on the AC.  The average cooling rate is 1 degree per hour

If you have followed these ac troubleshooting steps and the system still does not turn on or begin to cool, you may then contact Apex Air at (360) 342-9109 to make sure the system will be functioning as it should.

AC Troubleshooting in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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