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Although many of today’s homes use ductless heat pump systems (ductless mini splits), many people still believe their home or building requires a duct system for heating or air conditioning. The truth is, however, traditional HVAC systems lose hot and cold air through the ducts. When this happens, energy is wasted and utility bills rise.

A ductless system is comprised of an outdoor standalone unit with a compressor or condenser and one or more indoor units. They’re mounted to either the wall or the ceiling, whichever is more convenient. Additionally, free-standing floor units are also available.

Both types of indoor units will work well in your home or business, and they will cool or heat your property quickly and effectively. It’s your decision which type of ductless heat pump system to choose. It’s a matter of preference because each works similarly.

How Does a Ductless Heat Pump Work?

The outside condenser unit is connected to the inside units. Individual conduits house power cables, suction and refrigerant tubing, and a condensate drain. Cool and warm air escape from traditional ducts, and costs you money in high energy bills. However, ductless systems solve this problem.

Additionally, ductless mini split systems dehumidify the air so you can breathe easier. Ductless technology also increases energy efficiency because only occupied rooms receive hot or cold air. You choose which rooms need the ducts open at which times.

Are Ductless Mini Split Systems Right for You?

Ductless systems are perfect for any size home or business because you can direct the flow of air into different zones of your property. When a room is unoccupied, there’s no sense in heating or cooling it. Furthermore, with ductless heat pump systems, you’re not wasting money by trying to regulate the temperature of an entire home or building.

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