Cost to Have a Heat Pump Installed


cost to have a heat pump installed in vancouver, wa and portland,, or by Apex AirHow much does it cost to have a heat pump installed? Installing a heat pump on your property will be a large investment initially, but the cost savings reflected in your electricity bill each month will help the unit pay for itself over time.

A heat pump replaces the furnace and air conditioner or central air units. These units are known to waste energy through the duct work, and a heat pump works much more efficiently to heat and cool a home.

The average cost to install a heat pump ranges from $3,900 to $6,700, depending on various factors.

How Are Heat Pumps Installed

A geothermal heat pump installation requires underground excavation, and therefore are more expensive than the air-source types. Drilling through concrete slabs or driveways will affect the price as well. One of Apex Air’s installation professionals can assess your home’s unique heat pump requirements and will provide you with a customized estimate.

Other Considerations for How Much it Costs to Install a Heat Pump

While each situation is unique, there are several other main considerations that will affect the cost of a heat pump install:

  • Heat Pump Unit. The cost of the unit itself ranges from $700 to $2,800 for a mid-quality model, not including labor costs, although you can spend much more for a top-of-the-line unit. Also, a heat pump with a high energy-efficiency rating will carry a higher price-point.
  • Installation. Not including excavation, the other factors that go into an install bid include equipment, preparation, planning, labor, and cleanup.
  • Materials and Supplies. This covers the cost of all necessary materials such as hardware, pipes and fittings. The install may incur additional fees for specialty equipment use like pipe cutters and brazing kits.
  • House Size. Last but not least, the size of your home is the single most important factor when determining the cost to have a heat pump installed. Larger houses will require higher-capacity pumps to heat and cool them properly. A too-small heat pump in your home will lose energy efficiency and will end up costing you more on your utility bill.

Contact our heat pump installation experts at Apex Air today and we will help you determine the right heat pump installation for your home.

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Cost to Have a Heat Pump Installed in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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