Benefits of Replacing Your Thermostat


benefits replacing your thermosat in vancouver, wa and portland, or by apex airWhat are the benefits of replacing your thermostat? If your old thermostat is giving you problems, your home or business feels warmer than usual, or it seems like ages since you felt truly cool in the summer, it’s time for a thermostat replacement.

Here are some of the benefits of replacing your thermostat with a new one:

  • Higher energy efficiency. The Department of Energy states that you can reduce your energy consumption by 5-15% simply by setting your thermostat correctly. This reduces the amount of energy that you consume and lowers your energy bills significantly. It also lessens your carbon footprint because you’re wasting fewer resources to heat and cool your house or office building.
  • Easy to operate. With so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to find a thermostat that fits your needs and is easy to operate. Manual thermostats are the least expensive and most traditional way of heating and cooling a space. Smart thermostats give you greater flexibility by allowing you to program and adjust temperatures anywhere you’re at with the help of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Better for your heating and air conditioning system altogether. With greater access to your HVAC system, you can control how much wear and tear it gets. Rather than spend time heating and cooling areas of your home or business that have no occupants in them, you can direct the air to areas where people are at instead. This lets you reduce usage when you’re away or easily turn up the smart thermostat as you’re getting ready to arrive at your house, restaurant or office building.

Replace Your Old Thermostat Today — Apex Air Can Help

As you can see, the benefits of replacing your thermostat are enormous. You’ll see a significant decrease in your high energy costs, gain better control over the temperatures inside your home or business, and not have to worry about your old thermostat quitting on you for good. Less stress and less financial burden are two compelling reasons for thermostat replacement, and today is as good as any to increase the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial property.

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Thermostat in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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