Vancouver UV Light Air Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Vancouver WA Home Air Purification Using UV Lights

Ultraviolet (UV) light air cleaners are becoming increasingly popular for improved indoor air quality. At Apex Air, our experts install, service, repair, and maintain these air cleaners in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, metro area homes.

Plenty of studies have been conducted on indoor air quality in the past couple of decades. Almost invariably, they conclude the air in our homes, offices, schools, and stores is anywhere from five to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. These studies also tell us an incredibly significant percentage of respiratory illnesses are brought on by unclean indoor air.


UV Light = Clean Air

Today, we know a whole-house approach to cleaning the air in our homes is the most effective means to combatting this problem. One of the more popular technologies employed recently is a UV light air cleaner. This type of disinfection has been around for several generations in sterile environments like hospitals. And now you can use UV light air cleaners to protect your home and your family.


How UV Lights Work

UV lights are installed in your HVAC unit. When the air passes through the UV lamps, microbes are destroyed. The air is then circulated into your home where it’s clean and safe for everyone.

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should feel like one too. The addition of a UV air cleaner makes it feel much better for everyone involved. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about you, your family, pets, or guests breathing in harmful substances. The lights take care of the problem by destroying microbes before they become a problem for you.


Benefits of UV Light Systems For Cleaning Indoor Air

The benefits associated with a UV air light cleaner are enormous. It zaps pollutants from the air before they can be inhaled by you, your family, or your guests. A UV air light cleaner rids the air of dirt, dust, pollen, and even mold spores so you can breathe easier throughout the day and night. If you have not looked into buying one for your residence, you are in luck, because it’s still a consideration for you.

UV Light Air Cleaner Installation Regulations

You must consider several factors when determining if UV light air cleaners are right for your home. First, it’s important to verify the UV system can be placed at least 36 inches away from your HVAC system. This ensures the pipes do not melt under the intense heat emitted from the germicidal UV heat lamps.

Due to the safety regulations surrounding these units, only a licensed and certified technician can install, repair, and maintain UV light air cleaners. Our Apex Air professionals understand all federal, state, and local regulations regarding a UV light air cleaner’s installation, replacement, and repair services.

UV Light Air Cleaner Repair and Maintenance

If your home becomes more odorous, or if you or anyone in your home suffers more allergy or asthma attacks, it may be a sign your UV light air cleaner needs service and/or repair. Contact one of our air specialists to shed light on the problem.

To keep your UV air cleaner in optimum working order, you need regularly scheduled maintenance by one of our experts. We recommend scheduling your maintenance once to twice a year. Our maintenance technicians perform diagnostic services on all components within your unit.

The most common problems our experts find are a lack of lubricant in the motors and a need to replace the germicidal lamps. These lamps are responsible for killing the germs and bacteria that pass through the system on a regular basis. Typically you can get over 9,000 hours or one year of use from a single bulb.

Choose Our Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaning Services

Allow our air purification experts to restore and improve your indoor air quality with our air cleaners. Rest assured that if you choose Apex Air, you will get the best of the best in terms of customer satisfaction and service quality. In terms of the UV light air cleaners themselves, these systems experience a fair amount of wear and tear over time. A technician must perform service and maintenance as soon as a problem is noticed. A technician on a routine HVAC visit may notice the UV light air cleaner is not making the home as clean and fresh as it should. This is just one sign the UV light air cleaner needs attention.

If you have an older UV light air cleaner, you should consider opting for a newer replacement system. An upgraded UV lamp air system can be more economical and provide more desired results for your family’s needs.

Due to the complexity and safety concerns regarding residential UV light air cleaners, only a licensed and certified technician can legally perform maintenance services. Apex Air is able to provide proof of the competency and experience of our technicians while standing firmly behind our products and services. So call us today at 360-342-8109 to talk UV light air cleaners.