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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

It is important to maintain a comfortable commercial building for several reasons. First-time customers consider an establishment’s comfort and appearance as part of their evaluation of the quality of the business.
A clean, healthy indoor environment with appropriately conditioned air makes a positive first impression. Poor air quality contributes to respiratory problems and other illnesses that affect performance.
In order to install and maintain high-quality commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, business owners must use a reputable and experienced commercial air conditioning contractor.

Commercial Air Conditioning installation in vancouver wa and portland or by apex air


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New Construction and Commercial Air Conditioning Installations

The overall architectural and engineering plan of a new commercial building should incorporate a heating and air conditioning system. The design must account for placement of mechanical rooms, equipment, ducts and ventilation outlets.
Adequately sized units are needed to deal with factors such as climate, number of occupants and ventilation requirements. Equipment and ductwork for special-use areas isolated from the main system such as restaurant kitchens, hospital isolation zones or chemical production rooms must be included in the design plans.

Apex Air offers an array of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems suitable for industry and business. New commercial air conditioning installation includes:

  • Indoor air quality solutions
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation systems
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Energy efficient design to make use of shading in summer, solar gain in winter and natural humidity
  • Zoned areas with separate ductwork and temperature controls

New units can save as much as 40 percent on utility costs each year. Apex Air also custom-designs and installs sheet metal components that include ductwork and grilles.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

There are several types and configurations of commercial HVAC systems that provide business owners flexibility in placement, cost and efficiency. Rooftop units, also known as package systems, can be installed on roofs if interior space is limited. All the mechanical elements are enclosed in weatherproof housing outside.

Weatherized ducts route conditioned air into the building. Heating options include heat pumps, natural gas, electricity and hybrid systems.

Ductless mini-split systems do not require ductwork. Air handler units are mounted inside on the wall, ceiling or floor. A compressor located outside is joined to blower units through a conduit that contains wiring and refrigerant. The conduit is routed through a small hole in the wall.
In some models, one compressor can support up to eight air handlers. Mini-splits are a good option for businesses such as restaurants, small offices and places where ductwork is difficult to install.

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residential heating contractor and air conditioner installation in Vancouver WA and Battle Ground Washington

commercial air conditioning installation and repair

residential heating contractor and air conditioner installation in Vancouver WA and Battle Ground Washington


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Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

If a commercial HVAC unit does not perform properly or experiences frequent breakdowns, it may be time to replace it. There are several reasons why commercial air conditioning replacement is advantageous.

New systems are more energy efficient. Components can be upgraded to accommodate changes such as added space, added people or to improve indoor air quality. Apex Air’s factory-trained technicians evaluate the unique indoor comfort requirements, budget and space limitations of a business establishment and provide a written estimate for the projected work.

Selecting a Commercial HVAC Contractor

Apex Air has more than 40 years of combined experience as a heating and air conditioning contractor in communities around vancouver washington and portland oregon. Apex Air guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on new residential and commercial air conditioning installations and replacements.
We offer top-notch service and a number of maintenance plans to make sure that systems run efficiently.

Commercial Air Conditioning in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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