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Ductless Heat Pump Energy Savings and Rebates


Ductless Heat Pump Energy Savings And RebatesLiving in the Pacific Northwest definitely has its perks, and one of those is the mild winter climate. Ductless heat pumps are a viable and attractive heating and cooling option for homeowners, as they work extremely well for mild winter temperatures.

Not only do ductless heat pumps (ductless mini splits) provide you with energy savings throughout the year, but qualified installs are also eligible for tax credits, rebates, and other incentives.

The states of Washington and Oregon both offer attractive energy tax credits which help to offset the unit and install costs.

Oregon Residential Tax Credits and Other Incentives

Oregon offers incentives if the ductless heat pump follows these criteria:

  • Has a variable speed compressor (inverter technology), which provides more efficient operation to match the heating/cooling needs of the house under a variety of weather conditions.
  • Is listed in the ARI directory and provides at least 50 percent of rated capacity efficient operation when outside air is 17° F. and have no built-in electric resistance heat.
  • Is installed by a technician that has received factory-sponsored training within the past five years*

Oregon Tax Credit Calculation

Oregon homeowners can claim a tax credit of either $1200 to $1300 for 2016 installs. Refer to the following chart to calculate the tax credit you may be entitled to based on your ductless heat pump model.

Oregon 2016 Residential Energy Tax Credit Rates<<

Washington Ductless Heat Pump Energy Savings and Rebates

If you live in the state of Washington, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $1200. The Department of Energy stipulates that you must meet the following criteria to qualify for a rebate:

  • You must be currently heating your home with electricity. This may be in the form of baseboard electric heating, electric wall heaters, or a forced air electric furnace.
  • The ductless system must use inverter technology. Since this is the common technology used to power most ductless heat pumps, this criteria is not difficult to meet. Our installation professionals can make sure that your unit will qualify.
  • A qualified contractor must install the system. Our professionals at Apex Air can help you with your installation and help make sure you qualify for Washington’s Utility Tax Credit.**

Whether you live in Washington or Oregon, Apex Air installation professionals will provide you with an expert install of your ductless mini split and will ensure you receive any and all rebates and incentives you are entitled to.





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Ductless Heat Pump Energy Savings And Rebates in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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