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Residential Heat pump systems in Vancouver WA and Portland OR by apex airWhen energy-efficiency is at the height of your concerns, residential heat pump systems make sense. They take the place of furnaces and air conditioners by providing both heat and cool air whenever needed. Regulating the temperature inside your home or business is easy with these types of systems but you should know which type you want before buying it.

Here are the different types of residential heat pump systems available:

  • Air-to-Air Residential Heat Pumps. This type of pump is the most common to install. It typically works with a duct but there are ductless versions available. A mini-split system allows for the availability of either hot and cold air depending on the weather. You can heat your home or business in the winter without any issue and cool it down when the temperatures rise in the summer.
  • Geothermal or Water-Source Heat Pumps. This type of pump transfers heat from your home or business and the ground or water source surrounding it. It’s a truly economic way to heat a structure because it lowers energy usage by 30 to 60%. If lower energy bills are a goal of yours, you’ll be able to accomplish that with a geothermal heat pump.
  • Gas-Fired Heat Pumps. This type of heat pump uses heat as the energy source. They’re relatively new and can be driven by a wide variety of heat sources. This may be an option for you if the other two types of heat pumps aren’t what you’re looking for to heat your home or place of business.

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Apex Air Heat residential pump systems are economical and environmentally-responsible. If you’ve considered purchasing one for your home or business, you’ll now have an easier time because you know what types of pumps exist. You’ll find it ideal to better control the temperatures in your residential property with the assistance of this type of system.


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Residential Heat Pump Systems in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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