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Residential Air Purifier Sales


Residential air purifier sales and installation for the home is not a simple task. These HVAC systems require certain considerations to ensure that the installation is feasible and will deliver the right benefits.

Apex Air will help homeowners throughout the Greater Vancouver WA Metro area make the best air purifier purchasing decision.

Accommodation Considerations

When planning an air purifier purchase, adequate space is required for the unit’s installation. Most whole home air purifiers attach to existing heating and air conditioning equipment.

The technician pipes the systems into the existing HVAC units so that air is circulated through the standing vents and ducts. Older homes that do not have duct work running to the various rooms may require a new distribution system.

Residential Air Purifier Sales: Noise Factors

An air purification specialist will work closely with the homeowner to select an air purifier. One of the factors that is taken into consideration is the noise levels that some air purification systems emit.

Homeowners that install an air purification unit close to living spaces should realize that this equipment can be noisy. However, with the advancement in technology, many air purifiers feature quiet technology.

This is a design which minimizes the noise that air purification systems produce. It also provides a more enjoyable atmosphere while delivering fresh, clean air within the home.

Considering a Budget

Apex Air understands that not all homeowners have the budget to purchase a new air purifier.

In these situations, we are able to install a special filtration housing to existing forced HVAC systems already installed in the home. This special air purification filter is oftentimes larger than the average HVAC filter that attaches to furnaces and air conditioning units.

The technicians will create the housing within the HVAC system and provide all necessary instructions for cleaning and maintaining the air purification filter.


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Residential Air Purifier Sales in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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