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UV Light Air Cleaners Service & Repair


uv light air cleaner service and repair in vancouver wa and portland or by Apex AirMost homeowners throughout the Greater Washington and Portland Metro communities spend a great deal of time determining if the installation of a UV light air cleaner system is right for their family. Once these HVAC systems are installed, the home is filled with clean and refreshing air that is free of bacteria and harmful pollutants. Over time a homeowner notices the need for UV light air cleaners service & repair due to the amount of wear these systems experience.

Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaner Replacement

When the home becomes more odorous, or its residents suffer more allergy or asthma attacks, it may be a sign that UV light air cleaners need service & repair solutions. Contact an Apex Air specialist for UV light air cleaners maintenance service to shed light on the problem.

Apex Air’s UV light air cleaners maintenance technicians perform diagnostic services on all components within the unit. The common problems found include a lack of lubricant in the motors, and a need to replace the germicidal lamps. These lamps are responsible for killing the germs and bacteria that pass through the system on a regular basis.

UV Light Air Cleaner Service is Quick and Easy

Most UV light air cleaners maintenance services can be performed within a matter of a few hours. Our technicians provide the homeowner with all necessary repair information before we begin. We ensure that our maintenance will increase the efficiency of the system and return clean air quality throughout the home.

Due to the complexity and safety concerns regarding residential UV light air cleaners, only a licensed and certified technician can legally perform maintenance services. Apex Air is able to provide proof of the competency and experience of our technicians while standing firmly behind our products and services.


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UV Light Air Cleaners Service & Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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